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Edinburgh Ceramics' digital ceramic tiles will not fade, even if exposed to water or direct sunlight over many years. Images made using this process are permanent.

Your own project?

Our digital ceramic tiles could contribute a unique element to your current or future projects, exploiting the new possibilities of using ceramic tiles in ways which were previously impractical, or impossibly expensive. We would be pleased to discuss any collaborative ideas you may wish to explore.

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In a domestic environment, possible applications include:
Tiling all or part of a wall with a large image, such as a landscape, an entire tree, or a fabulous view.
The reproduction of a favourite photograph, perhaps of local or personal interest.
Co-ordination with a design from fabric, floorcovering, or other nearby architectural detail.

Outside, possible applications are:
Tiled lettering or signage.
Creation of a focal image, to contextualise a horticultural planting scheme.
Camouflage tiles to disguise an unsightly wall or other structure.
A site-specific two-dimensional artwork.

Possible applications in commercial premises:
Highly detailed shopfront signage (eg. imagery with lettering).
A unique expression of a business’s design values.
Ceramic tile enlargement of a brand image or logo.
Photographic images promoting products or services.
Functional information, such as direction signage.
Enormous lettering or images on exterior walls.
Unique details on otherwise plain tiled walls.
Photographic exterior cladding tiles.
Permanent photographic images.

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