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Edinburgh Ceramics' digital ceramic tiles; high temperature ceramic colours, light-fast, waterproof and abrasion resistant. These new digital ceramic tiles will not fade, even if exposed to water or direct sunlight over many years.

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Too good to be true?
Does this new process seem too good to be true?
The details of this extraordinary innovation are all true, but every process has a few limits, so here they are...

ceramic wall tiles
Wall or floor?

Our digital ceramic printing process deposits a thin layer of ceramic colour onto each ceramic tile. The fired ceramic colours are further protected by a transparent ceramic glaze layer. This produces a fired ceramic surface which is suitable for walls, but not yet tough enough for heavily trafficked floors. If you choose to walk on our digital ceramic tiles every day, their surface may become scratched.

The durability of the materials we use in this process allows our tiles to be be installed indoors or outside exposed to direct sunlight and rain. Freezing temperatures will not affect our ceramic colours either. The tiles may even be positioned underwater if required. A representative sample can be fired for client approval.

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