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Edinburgh Ceramics' digital ceramic tiles high temperature ceramic colours are light-fast, waterproof and abrasion resistant. These digital ceramic tiles will not fade, even if exposed to water or direct sunlight over many years.

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Too good to be true?
Does this new process seem too good to be true?
The details of this extraordinary innovation are all true, but every process has a few limits, so here they are...

Resolution and fine detail:

We usually work with images at about 300dpi resolution. However, the amount of detail printed in our digital ceramic tile process is largely dependent on the quality of your original artwork. Obviously small, low-resolution images will become blurred if you need them to be greatly enlarged, so high-resolution images are best.

Vector-based artwork and lettering (eg. Adobe Illustrator files) are not affected in this way. If in doubt, print a detail from your image at full size onto paper before asking us to print it onto tiles.
A representative sample can be fired for approval.

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