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Edinburgh Ceramics digital ceramic tiles offer complete image permanence. Our high temperature digital ceramic colours are light-fast, waterproof and abrasion resistant. These new digital ceramic tiles will not fade, even if exposed to water or direct sunlight over many years.

handmade digital ceramic tile: beachfigures

Our process:

How do we do it? 

Without going into too much technical detail, this is a specialized printing process, in which a digitally controlled layer of ceramic colour is fused into the surface of glazed ceramic tiles. The fired ceramic colours are protected within a transparent ceramic glaze layer. The printed tiles are kiln-fired at high temperatures, enabling us to produce a permanent coloured ceramic surface on a wide choice of tiles.

We have devoted more than a year to researching, developing and improving our new digital ceramic processes. The success of this endeavour can be seen in the quality of the digital ceramic tiles we create for our clients. We are continuing to refine our techniques and materials, with the necessary dedication and attention to detail which successful ceramic innovation always requires.

We expect further technical developments to extend and increase the advantages of our digital ceramic tiles. Potential applications for digital ceramic tiles in the built environment are therefore also likely to increase.

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