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Edinburgh Ceramics digital ceramic tiles offer complete image permanence. Our high temperature digital ceramic colours are light-fast, waterproof and abrasion resistant. These new digital ceramic tiles will not fade, even if exposed to water or direct sunlight over many years.

Background to this innovation:

At Edinburgh Ceramics we specialise in creating unique tiles and tile-panels, so developing a digital image-making process for ceramic tiles was one of our long-term objectives. We have therefore been experimenting with digital image-making on tiles for many years. Applying a digital image to the surface of a tile normally requires traditional means, such as direct screen-printing. This is because ceramic colours are mineral-based particles whose comparatively large size, heavy weight and insolubility make them unsuitable for digital printing.

While traditional printing processes enable consistent reproduction, the digital process makes the printing of one unique image as viable as the production of many identical images.

Advances in methods of materials preparation occur gradually, and in one such technical development we saw an interesting opportunity... the possible application of specially prepared ceramic colours using a digitally controllable process. We devoted a large part of 2003 to experimenting with of this innovation. Since that time we have we have refined our ability to control the deposition of specially prepared ceramic colours directly from software. Our extraordinary digital ceramic tiles are the result of this ongoing work.

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